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The ROYAL SAFFRON story started some 75 years ago, when M/s. Gautamchand Sukharaj Setiya began trading in Jaggery and with it began a tradition of quality and trust, situated in the Pune APMC market.

The heritage was married with modern technology and processing when a young entrepreneur, Sachin Setiya representing the trusted & reputed firm formed SETIYA’S AGRO FOODS under the guidance of Mr. Ajit Setiya. The brand Royal Saffron was then established to become a trusted name in Agro food industry.

This perfect mix of Tradition, Trust and Technology is what we believe sets us apart from others in the market. At Royal Saffron, we understand food. We understand the thousands of years of tradition and the love that have gone into getting the perfect taste. With our technical know-how and absolute commitment to customer satisfaction, we aim to bring the perfect taste onto the plate of every discerning consumer.

To reach and to cater to customers worldwide with premium quality food produce of India and to be known for consistency & quality along with value for money. To enhance the nutritional value of the Branded Agro produce market on the whole and to offer the customers a healthy choice with superior and sustainable value to the consumers.

To create a win-win situation from the producer to the end user including the supply chain with unwavering dedication and commitment to our vision. To provide satisfaction to one and all by ensuring optimal quality and unwavering service.